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GEA 55-9281-Y4-37


May be flush mounted into the floor. Body produced in techno-polymer, with an AISI 304
stainless steel surround and a tempered glass diffuser. For GU-10 light source, compatible
with LED, compact fluorescent and halogen lamps. Its wire outlets on both sides makes it
suitable for an array installation. Includes flush mounting box.

The front cover on the fitting comes easily away by removing the four screws with an Allen key so the lamp can be easily changed if required, the clear glass lens allows the full brightness of the bulb to shine through.

This is very durable for all weather conditions.

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Recessed ground lights are designed to be installed in concrete. If installed in soil, they must be kept away from permanent sources of humidity like gardens or lawns subject to frequent watering. Furthermore, chemical products used in garden fertilizers may deteriorate some components of the fixtures.

DO not install the fittings in areas where water may accumulate. To avoid condensation of water inside the fixture, turn it on for 20 minutes without the glass cover, then close it immediately. Place the rubber seal and the glass cover in the correct position and check that they are clean. The electric cable must have the adequate diameter to allow the cable holder to close correctly.

Inadequate installation of the fitting may result in future loss of water tightness. It is very important to install the fitting in an area with good drainage, at least 25 centimetres of gravel below the base of the fitting. The gravel must be capable of absorbing up to 10 litres of water in 15 minutes.

AISI 304 Inox luminaires with exposure to marine environment can develop yellow stains.


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